Untethered Membership for women


Untethered is a unique membership for women who wants more from life and refuses to accept "it is what it is". Untethered is for women who want an exceptional life - not just a mediocre one.

If you want to develop rock solid foundations within so you can handle whatever life throws at you without doubting, crumbling or feeling petrified to deal with issues when they arise then this is for you.

If you want to drown out others noise and trust your own intuition and learn to speak up for what you want in life then this is for you.

You deserve to enjoy your life on your terms, to be free to live in alignment with your values and feel alive not just going through the motions.

This membership is open to all women starting with a limited number of debut members - £29.00 per month. Cancel anytime - no minimum tie in period.

* Monthly group coaching / mentorship calls

*C.A.L.M.E.R method to help you navigate life more smoothly.

*Voxer chat for debut members so you can build relationships with others.

*Own individual members only login portal filled with different content each month to inspire and uplift you.

* Bi Monthly challenges and more.

Sign up here Untethered Membership (joannesimswellbeing.com)

Please note - this is NOT therapy or Counselling.