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Joanne Sims Wellbeing offers several different services to meet the needs of our clients.

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Coaching Services

We are proud to offer a life coaching service for parents of children with additional needs or disabilities. We specialise in working with parents at all stages of their parenting journey and also parents to children with additional needs and/or disabilities who are struggling with feelings of overwhelm, but can also work with a wide variety of other with other issues.

We offer a variety of options including one to one sessional work, online programmes or online group coaching. We are passionate and driven about helping parents step into their brighter future and shift any negativity or overwhelm that is holding them back in their life.

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Life Coaching

We offer holistic life coaching to a wide variety of other clients who feel that they would benefit from this service. Our aim is to work collaboratively with our client at the very heart of everything we do.

We work together to identify what the main challenges the client is experiencing in their life, getting crystal clear on this and then working together through an indepth process to identify the goals the client has and where they desire to be. Using a variety of tools and techniques we will support and guide that person through their journey of transformation to achieve their desired outcome.

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Joanne Sims Wellbeing recognises the benefit that can be gained from being in a group setting with other people who are in a similar position to yourself. Peer support and experience can be very important for people, along with connection and developing relationships.

Group sessions will be facilitated by us and will remain confidential. There will be sessions for various different groups within the community and details of these will be released on our events page so please keep an eye out for details of these. For more information please do get in touch.

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Energy Work Sessions

As a holistic approach to our clients Joanne Sims Wellbeing takes a whole person approach to working with a client. This includes looking at the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic wellbeing of a person.

Joanne Sims Wellbeing offers clients a service to help them with their energetic wellbeing. Sometimes for various reasons our energy flow can become lack or blocked and this affects our emotions, our energy levels and how we physically feel. These blockages in our energetic flow can really affect so many areas of our life and getting back into a healthy flow, making sure our energy is in alignment and shifting any blockages that may be present is key in allowing us to operate at our best.

Releasing blockages, ensuring the smooth running of our flow of energy and unblocking deep emotions that have become stuck can be such a benift to us. This can really improve a persons overall wellbeing and also assist them on their coaching journey.

We offer non invasive techniques that can be carried out either in person or remotely so therefore distance is no issue. These services bring huge benefits for clients, some of which can include a deep sense of relaxation, assist with stress or pain relief and enhance your own body's healing system and increase overall wellbeing.

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Counselling Services

We offer intuitive individual counselling utilising a primarily humanistic person-centred model incorporating other approaches such as CBT when needed. Clients are supported to work through their challenges at a pace that is right for them.

Offering a safe, secure non-judgemental environment where clients have a space of their own to freely express themselves and their emotional issues. We are there to listen to you, respect you and value your experience.

Sessions can take place at our offices, within the community or if needed within a client's home after a risk assessment has been completed. We also offer telephone and on line sessions.

Joanne Sims Wellbeing also offers a number of support groups within the community for various issues, please see our events page for more information on these.

Next Steps

Contact us on 07930 603988 or via the Contact page to arrange a free 20 minute consultation.

We will establish which services meet your needs best and setup an initial face-to-face consultation where a thorough assessment will be completed and individual plan devised.

After the assessment is complete we will provide a contract for each service offered that outlines what is expected by each party and to manage expectations and responsiblities. It will also cover out privacy policy including GDPR and payment terms.

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*Due to the nature of counselling it may restrict additional services we offer as morally and ethically we have a responsibility to you.