Our Testimonials

I had the privilege of having a coaching session with Jo recently. I’m actually in a really good place at the moment but I still have some issues around knowing if I’m doing the right things or not and occasionally do that fatal thing... compare myself to others! In particular I struggle with the concept of the morning routine. I didn’t even know it was a thing until the last year or so. And I don’t mean just getting up, brushing your teeth and having breakfast. I mean those routines you see other successful people talking about... The meditation, the exercise, the journaling etc. and all before they’ve had breakfast! I’m absolutely not a morning person, and although I have tried many times to incorporate these things into a regular routine, it just hasn’t worked for me. So I asked Jo to help me with mindset around this. We uncovered that actually I DO have a routine, it’s just nothing like those mentioned above. But she helped me understand that this is OK! That my routine is only for me and if it works, then that’s all that matters. I realised I don’t need to do those other things to make me successful. The way I run mymornings is absolutely fine and as I am becoming more successful every day,there is no need for me to think I need to change it. Jo truly helped me appreciate the things I already do, and that actually they are a huge step forward from my previous ‘routines’ so I should be really pleased with myself and be proud of how far I’ve come already. And reinforced the fact that I need to stop comparing. Only during this chat did I appreciate that was what I was doing, as it certainly wasn’t in my conscious mind. So I now fully accept that whatever my (non) routine is, it is MINE and I embrace it and no longer think I need to change it as it’s absolutely working fine for me right now. Jo was extremely patient, calm and understanding throughout the call. She has a wonderful tone of voice, nature and energy about her which I felt completely at ease with. I found it easy to open up and it felt like a natural process to go from the pain to the outcome. I would recommend Jo to anyone who needs a little reassurance in their life.

Debi Wallbank, Shropshire