Are you addicted?

Is your life being dictated by high vibes only?

We all like to feel good of course, I mean, who doesn't?

There is a real craze around at the moment for many people to only be high vibe - only think positive high vibrational thoughts, high vibrational emotions and lead a high vibrational life. Everything is super positive all the time and it can seem as if anything else is not acceptable, desirable or indeed a second rate way of being.

Now being optimistic is all well and good but in this never ending pursuit of this high vibe state that many speak of this in itself is not entirely healthy. In fact, some people seem absolutely blindsided by this and will do anything to only live in a high vibe reality.

What's wrong with that I hear you ask? After all, no one wants to be miserable do they so what's the harm?

There is harm in chasing this narrative all the time without balance and awareness.

Some people will not entertain anything else in their world, dismiss any other position. This may feel amazing when things are going well but what happens when things in life occur and are perhaps not so high vibe? What happens when life events such as death, redundancy, financial difficulties, relationship breakdowns and other incidents occur?

As humans we experience a range of emotions, not just a limited select few. All are powerful and all can be confusing, all encompassing and at times overwhelming. To simply suppress and deny those which are uncomfortable, non desirable or not considered high vibe or positive enough is a potentially damaging move when we look at our development as people.

Although not nice, these lower vibe emotions serve an important purpose. They teach us things and communicate important messages to us to learn from.

Also, how do you know that something is high vibe if we do not experience the other spectrum of emotions? We cannot, that is like trying to know what day is like without experiencing night time.

There are polarities and opposites in all areas of life and this cannot be denied. To do so is only setting yourself up for trouble later on.

The key to living a more empowered life is to understand our full spectrum of emotions along with what these emotions are teaching us. Once you start to look at the whole spectrum of emotions that you experience you can then start to then develop the skills to manage these when times that are more challenging occur. This will help build resilience and the ability to more easily navigate through them in a swifter, healthier fashion back to a more positive emotional state.

To simply deny anything but high vibe emotions and thoughts may well feel good in the short term, but it does mean that only focusing on this area means that many people will be ill prepared when anything else occurs and therefore be unable to cope during these times. It can make people more sensitive to others who may be in a different place to them and may be more affected by others.

Developing understanding and mastery of the full range of your emotions will enable you to become stronger than you ever imagined, gain unshakable confidence and put you in the driving seat of your life. One could argue that once you have got to grips with that, you can indeed live the most high vibe life possible because not only will you know how to handle those tougher times, you can also navigate your way out of them in the best way possible.