Are your emotions flying around like the golden snitch?

Flying off with no warning?

All over the place?

Feel like you haven't got a clue where they are from one minute to the next?

Maybe you feel like you've got no control or maybe they flew off and it seems like you'll never find them again leaving you emotionless.

You can't work at mastering and understanding your emotions if you can't control them.

Like the golden snitch in Harry Potter you've got to get hold of them in order to start working with them and you do this in the form of regulation.

There are many different ways of regulating your emotions. However, unlike the snitch this does not mean that you just lock your emotions away in a box and ignore them until the next time you need to use them. Suppressing or bypassing your emotions will not work.

It'll cause damage and that snitch will get more powerful cause lets face it, who likes being ignored?

It'll break free at some point, buggar off and cause a whole load of damage.

So regulation is key to feeling in control and more relaxed, clam and content.

Three quick go to tips for beginning emotional regulation :

(1) Notice the physical - tune in to what's happening in your body. We can get so disengaged sometimes to our physical body, call yourself back in and see what's going on and where.

(2) Create space - emotions can change at a rapid speed. Get some space, and orientate yourself literally. It'll reduce your reactions which otherwise may affect others or damage relationships before you have a chance to get hold of yourself properly and regain control.

(3) Identify what episode you are on

Quite often there is a story running inside us, a narrative which may or may not be true (that takes further work to figure out). Just start by seeing if you can identify which chapter of the story you're telling yourself inside at that moment.

It'll help you when it comes to working on this further later on in order to make lasting deep change. If you feel like you cant do it don't worry, you're not alone. That thought, well, that's a story too. Completely fictional by the way - made up, false & untrue. The truth is you say you can't because you don't know how to.

There is help available for this issue and all you have to do is decide that you've had enough of how things are. Take the brave decision to decide for things to be different and then reach out for the assistance that you need.

It'll transform your life and that or those around you.