You've got to go all in

Change is hard, there's no denying it. If it were easy everyone would just do what they needed to do in order to feel better in life or have better circumstances and no one would have any problems.

But it's not.

It takes hard work, determination, grit, resilience and belief.

Yet I see it time and again with so many people. They moan and complain that they are dissatisfied with an area of their life - this could be their relationship, their job, their parenting style, their finances or some other such area.

Whatever the issue is, it is clearly causing them a great deal of pain and discomfort. Many have suffered and stayed like this for a long time, sometimes years.

No one can make anyone change and inevitably for some, one day enough is enough and they decides that they can't continue as they are anymore.

They say they'll do anything, whatever it takes. And they start.

They look for a solution, an alternative to their situation. The pain as things are is too much, so this motivates them.

They may source the assistance they need to make the change they desire externally. A marriage counsellor, weight loss class, parenting guru, take classes or start applying for other jobs. Maybe they'll even get an interview.

Initially they might make a good start on what's required of them, fulfilling the tasks and actions but for some, they don't seem to complete and carry through things until the end.

Why is that?

No matter what strategy or technique you learn or are guided through it is only going to be as good as the person who is using it, so use it you absolutley must.

Applying the knowledge and new ways of thinking to create change is essential for you, to get to your goal and be successful.

You have to be committed, driven and never give up. No self doubt, even when times are hard.

You must master your emotions and toughen yourself and keep your eye on your vision.

You have to commit yourself to your desired goal 100% - you have to go all in.

For if you do not, if you allow yourself to be stood on shaky ground and filled with doubt and fear listening to the stories that you have been telling yourself for years about how you are or what you can't achieve then you weaken your chances of success.

Instead of setting yourself up for success you are actually increasing your chances of failure.

So go all in, steady your mindset and be laser focused on your goal.

Know that change, real change is uncomfortable, hard and taxing at times but that is where the growth happens. Prepare for this.

Let nothing deter you and stand strong in the knowledge and truth that you can do hard things, you can change and you are capable.

Then watch all the efforts of your hard work pay off, for if you stick at it and move forward day by day in the direction you wish to go before you know it you'll be reaping the rewards.