What to do when happiness as a choice is removed from us

Everyday we are faced with choices. From what we eat to how we show up in the world. Some choices are conscious and some are not.

We run through a series of choices automatically in the form of habits which form and sculpt our day and life. These can be either helpful for our wellbeing or not.

It is often said that happiness is a choice, implying that all you have to do is to choose the options that will bring you joy and happiness.

This can range from how you spend your time, what you eat, how much you exercise or move your body, what hobbies you have, who you spend your time with and also what meaningful occupation - paid or otherwise you engage in.

There are so many wellbeing strategies out there that assist you with accessing happiness everyday, they make it sound all so easy. That in itself can sometime be a little overwhelming.

Ultimately you have to take responsibility and choose what will bring you joy, right? - you have to decide to choose to want to be happy.

Sounds easy, doesn't it ?

And those that are happy, who are in this place of experiencing happiness and joy now as a habit do indeed find it so. They will tell you all the time without a second thought.

So with that in mind, are there ever times where the simple act of choosing to be happy feels like it's not available to people as an option? Where people are not able to make that choice and if so, are they then choosing to be unhappy?

Things are never really black and white are they, there is an awful lot of grey in this experience of being human which can be overlooked and forgotten.

For those that experience trauma or mental health challenges it is not just a simple case of just choosing to be happy. Taking the high road. For those that are struggling to survive every day the active choice of happiness can be removed form one they feel that they have access to.

Therefore it is not so easy as to just make a decision and follow through - and to imply such as a blanket policy or mantra will isolate those that struggle with inner demons and invoke a feeling of isolation, frustration, failure and self blame. Which is absolutley not the case.

Instead consider a healthier more inclusive option might be to be work to accept help. To accept support and assistance.

To break down those barriers that isolate you, to trust, to lean into fear and uncertainty. To be vulnerable - to be brave.

To build trust in self and then in others and fight to choose to allow others to see and help you to navigate your way wellness. This is the path to being open to happiness.

Seeking out and letting other help you choose wellness physically, mentally and spiritually will lead you to be in a place where happiness will find you and you can then choose to allow it in.

For happiness is a side effect of wellness. Once you are well, then you can choose all the strategies you can to stay well and in turn stay happy.