SEND Mums Mental Health Bootcamp

SEND Mums mental health bootcamp

This is for any mums of children with special educational needs or disabilities.

Being a mum to children is hard but being a parent to children with extra needs and challenges can be more challenging and stressful.

Many mums struggle with chronic stress, are suffering with emotional and mental health challenges and yet feel they have nowhere to go to gain appropriate help and support from those that truly understand.

Perhaps you are struggling but don't feel comfortable going to the Dr or talking to anyone close about how you REALLY are?

Maybe you know you're not feeling right but you don't know what to do about it though?

If this is you then the SEND mum's mental health bootcamp might be just what you need.

Come and spend time confidentially in this space with others in a similar position looking at the four elements that can help improve your mental health

4 weeks - 4 elements

The bootcamp comprises of four one-hour sessions once a week online and helpful resource handouts in easy-to-understand language

Gain support, practical tips to help improve how you feel and a plan of how to move forwards

Cost is £197 in total

7th - 28th November 2022

Message to secure your place before 30th October 2022.