Time to Breathe womens virtual day retreat

Time to breathe - a day retreat with a difference!

This is a special day retreat delivered to you in the comfort of your own home. For those of you who may not be able to attend retreats away from home for various reasons or who may wish to stay at home with your creature comforts. You still deserve to have some specially allocated time for you.

Open for 6 ladies, this intimate container for the day is going to be perfect from you to reconnect to you before the madness of Christmas begins.

Date: Saturday 12th November

Time to breathe day retreat is for you if

*You have an open mind

*You are speaking to yourself in an unkind manner

*You don't appreciate all that you are

*You are missing female connection & friendship

*You need to have more joy and laughter

*You miss having fun

*You don't allow yourself time for creativity & expression

*You need some time for yourself

*You need to step away from daily grind

* You can't leave the house due to responsibilities to go away for a retreat or prefer to stay in your own home

*You need to show yourself some love

You will experience

*A unique day unlike any other

* A special connection with those other women who attend

*A number of ways to stop and think about yourself differently

*A beautiful sensory experience

*A day of expression and creativity

*A day of fun and joy to fill your heart

*Time to relax and reflect

* An increased appreciation of how magical you are

* Connection to all elements of who you are

* Breathe life into those parts of you that get neglected and feel fully alive

All items required will be sent to you in advance

Investment - £97.00

Booking closes on 24th October 2022.

All items needed will be sent to you in advance, just get comfy and enjoy this experience.

Open for bookings now - message to secure your place.