Why working on your mindset isn't just for entrepreneurs

Well it's holiday time again - How are you feeling about it? Full of excitement and energy or dread and dispair.

Every few weeks it might seem like you blink and then there is another half term again. You might feel exhausted, stressed or burnt out. There never seemed to be enough time in the day to do what you needed to when they were at school and now they're home again. Worst thing about this?

You can love your kids very much but that dosen't mean you can't still have feelings of "enough", not to mention the guilt that comes on top for this. However as a parent of children with extra needs the guilt and negative feelings can seem to weight so much heavier and it add to reinforce any the negative internal story that may be going on. It can lower your mood leading to anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Everywhere you look might seem to be filled with people feeling the opposite. Please don't look at pictures all over social media of "perfect" parents who were doing every activity under the sun, looking uber relaxed with "perfect" homes and not a spot of mess in sight.

Comparison will just make you feel worse and mess with you mindset and the way you think about yourself as a parent and your situation. When you are in this frame of mind you cannot see the joy that you children are having or any positives. You only focus on all the things that "aren't good enough" and the challenges.

Begin to ask yourself - who sets these invisible "standards" to how things "should be" anyway? And why do I care so much?

It's so much pressure.

This is where working on your mindset is key right from the off. As soon as the holiday periods are approaching it's important to start to work on how you are going to feel about this and what you are going to think. What do you truly believe and what is based in fear, worst case scenarios or negative thinking?

Mindset work isn't just for entrepeneurs or those who want to loose weight or reach some other goal in life. It is for everyone. How your mindset is can set the tone for the whole expereince ahead of you - whatever that is.

Your mindset will dictate how you expereince things, see things and feel about things. When you go from a closed, negative mindset only seeing the worst in everything and one that stops you from being more or trying new things it also stops you from being happy & being all that you were meant to be.

A negative mindset will stop you trying new things - such as taking your children places because maybe there was a negative expereince before and therefore you avoid such things again.

Once you cultivate that more open, positive mindset you will feel more relaxed, more appreciative of how things are and you will see the positive in how your holidays are and what type of parent you are. You will see your abilities and possibilites and be open to considering new things.

Everyone's parenting journey is different, yet we all strive to keep things the same for fear of being judged. Start learning to say no to the pack mentality - know that you are enough and more than capeable. Start to approach things with positivity and a "can do" attitude instead of a "no because" and see how it impacts you and those around you.

It's not just your children who have a right to enjoy their holidays - you do too. Working on your mindset and the fear, blocks and stories that sit inside of us and shape how we are can allow you to become free to enjoy things as they fully are, give you confidence to do things your way and know that that is ok.

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are in the world do it with positivity, happiness and joy.