Why Coaching?

What is coaching and why will it benefit my life?

For people that have never had coaching before they often don't understand what it is. Some people think it's someone that will give you all the answers to your problems or challenges and will change your life for you.

That is not the case. Coaching is a collaborative process where by the client once in a place of motivation and desire to make changes within their life will work with a coach to be supported to do this.

This is done by gaining clarity on what the client wants, identifying what's holding them back both at a surface level and then on a deper level, all the things we aren't aware of and working to remove these beliefs and instead replace them with new more realistic positive beliefs.

Coaching will allow the client to become free of all the things that are holding them back in life, change their perception of life, gain a new perspecitve and a sense of freedom. It will place you back in the driving seat of your life.

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